Professionally Executed

By Risking Less, You Can Potentially Make More

No matter where you are in life, Squire Asset Management can work with you to design a portfolio geared toward mitigating the risks that can have a dramatic impact on your financial independence. And since your comfort is of paramount importance to us, we won’t just present you with a plan – we’ll educate you on why we believe “buy and hold” strategies don’t really work well in some of the volatile environments we’ve been in since 1999.

Squire Asset Management strives to provide our clients with more than portfolio recommendations. We aim for clients to understand the investing landscape by providing accurate and timely information and through frequent dialogue. We seek to simplify the cluttered complex financial environment in ways that will help you feel confident about your financial future.

As a client with Squire, you’ll be introduced to our professionally executed four-step process:

WebIcons-Discovery.jpgStep 1: Discovery

We gather information about all current assets and long-term financial goals. We’ll also talk about your dreams, money concerns, and past investment experience to gain a picture of your current financial situation. We discover where your weaknesses are and aim to refocus your strategy as a result.

WebIcons-Guidance.jpgStep 2: Guidance

After carefully analyzing the information we uncover in the discovery phase, we’ll design individual portfolio recommendations that align with your values, objectives, and individual needs. We’ll address your fears without merely talking in circles around them.

WebIcons-Implementation.jpgStep 3: Implementation

We establish comprehensive portfolios and work with you to make ongoing adjustments to your personal strategy as your life progresses and your needs change.

WebIcons-Monitoring.jpgStep 4: Review

Life is dynamic, and your portfolio should be, too. Reviewing the progress of your portfolio, and evaluating your investment needs regularly is important to help to ensure your current plan is still a fit for you.