Our Discoveries & Intellectual Property

At Squire Asset Management, we’re committed to helping you feel more certain about where you stand today and where you’ll be tomorrow. Our investment strategies seek to help manage your wealth when the downside happens, as we explore opportunities for potential on the upside. We’ve conducted our own research, investigating misinformation and myths that circulate in the industry, and made our own discoveries to help you better navigate your investments. Click through the tabs to learn more about our major discoveries.
  • Personal Period of Return®
  • Truncate the Tail®
  • Misinformation Risk®
  • Smart Roth®
  • Flight Path Dynamics®
Investing involves risk including loss of principal. No strategy assures success of protects against loss.

Circumstance and timing set every investor on a slightly different path. From the day you begin to invest to the day you retire, you will typically have 30-35 years to work towards gathering and growing your assets. That’s the period of return we want you to focus on. Any historical charts and graphs that point to 20-year average returns, or 89-year market history charts, are, essentially, irrelevant. It’s the next 10-30 years, what we do in them–and what happens in them—that count.
Riding out tail events or market crashes seldom results in gains. We strive to help mitigate the risks by defining a sell-out point at which we are willing to change your asset allocation, from stocks to cash, bonds, or commodities, in order to attempt to truncate losses. In other words, we seek to exit when the risk of volatility is elevated, and return when risks appear to have subsided.
Squire Asset Management has found there to be a great deal of misinformation circulating within the financial industry, on the news and on the web. Acting on this information, or using it to inform your investment strategy, comes with inherent risks. Some investment strategies are built on a foundation that includes a great deal of misinformation, such as charts or graphs that misrepresent or eliminate pieces of information.
Intelligent portfolio management – a tax-free investment vehicle or Roth IRA – may be appropriate for investors striving for the fastest growth. Squire has strategies that help investors rethink risk and reward and aims to reallocate portfolios that are over-diversified to right sized portfolios. Investing can be quite fun!
Growth stocks have the potential to help build your assets, and we understand their dynamics. A select basket of these types of companies mixed into a portfolio can help investors work towards achieving their goals.